• Sejuiced’s chef crew is on-hand to turn around your bespoke beverages, quick as a flash!  Our in-house kitchen offers complete control of the process and provides snappy lead-in times.

    Drinks are hand-made in small batches in our purpose-built facility. They are developed to your exact recipe specification, finished with a custom bottle label and then quickly dispatched to reach you fresh and fast! Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at how we create unique “limited edition” drinks just for you…


    Your journey starts with a concept – a theme, colour or purpose that forms the basis of your brief. This could be a brand value, an unusual ingredient, a health benefit, an ancient culinary tradition or a new food trend…



    birch sap dripping in spring


    Next, our Head Chef researches your concept in depth. He explores different ingredients that complement and contrast with each other. Match-making flavours to enhance the aromas contained within, he has an intuitive feel for which components work best together.

    Spices and various bitters


    We then start to build your recipe from a base, to achieve the right balance. We experiment with variations of quantities to ensure that each of the ingredients layers well and does not overpower the taste.

    A person pouring smoothie from a blender into a plastic cup


    Once your recipe structure has taken shape, it’s time for sampling. This is an iterative process whereby we all give feedback in a team environment, offering suggestions to tweak your formulation until it’s perfected. Clients often join us for this part, or we can hold a tasting session at your premises if you prefer.



    Now that your recipes have been signed off, we time your production day so that it’s as close to your event date as possible for optimum freshness. We arrange our table of ingredients and assemble all the specialist equipment needed.



    part of juice extractor close up


    Applying our know-how, we systematically produce your recipe. After careful food preparation, we prioritise the most time-consuming ingredients and complex extraction methods.

    Fruit prep




    Ambarella juice or know as kedondong, taste a bit sour but refreshing


    Then we begin bottling. Each bottle is hand-finished with your design of premium personalised label and carefully capped with a tamper proof lid.

    Charcoal lemonade production






    Finally, your drinks are chilled and carefully packaged in temperature controlled boxes, ready for express delivery so that they reach you in mint condition!





    Our specialist couriers will deliver your consignment on the same or very next day. Now it’s time to enjoy your unique limited-edition drinks from Sejuiced!