• Raise the bar on your events hospitality with a fabulous frozen feast! We specialise in making bespoke flavours inspired by your brand. From fruity froyo to alcoholic ices, our service is a pudding-lover’s paradise!


    Ice Cream

    Your taste buds are in for a total treat. We offer premium ice cream paired with delicious dessert sauces, served in plain or branded tubs for enticing hospitality on-the-go.
    With our flair for flavour innovation, you can create your ice cream dream with us!

    Bespoke ice cream



    Ice Lollies

    Our artisan ice lollies are made in small batches and can be customised with bespoke lolly sticks to convey your brand. From the finest fruit combinations to cheeky cocktail lollies, the possibilities are endless!

    Apricot ice lollies


    Frozen Yoghurt

    If you’re calorie conscious, why not opt for frozen yoghurt with generous fruity toppings as a guilt-free gift to guests? Finish off with an optional wafer, plain or branded with your company logo.




    Sejuiced’s pert desserts combine divinely decadent ingredients with mouth-watering presentation. Created by our chefs with precision and flair, our sundaes combine luxury ice cream, fresh fruit, biscuits, dessert sauces, nuts and toppings….Yum yum!